2 thoughts on “Trike Speed part 2

  1. As you’ll probably be aware by now, simply because ever since I became disabled I’ve felt the need to brag about my recovery and, my achievements.

    No I’m not necessarily bragging, I’m just constantly trying to demonstrate that with the right amount of willpower and determination, even being disabled you can still go on to achieve some pretty spectacular things.

    Like you I chose to buy a recumbent trike….

    Ever since my self esteem has improved no end.

    I’ve also had to endure all kinds of therapy since my accident.

    Whereas since revitalising my passion for cycling I’ve been able to cope well without any.


  2. As I am currently sat on a drip having my monthly transfusions Shane, your comment has good timing! The positive effect on mental wellbeing due to exercise is well documented and I think due to numerous reasons. Personally, there is a lot to be said about having an healthy outlet my obsessive nature! When I am thinking about my trike racing I am no longer worrying about disease progression etc.
    Keep it up Shane!


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