How fast is a trike?

Questions asked by passers-by while riding the trike…

1) Is that dangerous?

2) Are you asleep down there? (slightly hurtful, my Darth Vader like breathing should have been an adequate sign of life)

3) Do you want me to call someone to help you? (genuine question by a pedestrian and probably a result of hearing the Darth Vader-esque breathing)

For all people who obsess over average speed, the most common question is how fast these things go.

This is the first in a two part blog looking at and probably failing to find an answer. But, as with life, it is the journey not the result that leads to enlightenment!

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4 thoughts on “How fast is a trike?

  1. Mate if it’s any guy consolation, I get dumb arsed comments all of the time, usually from the older generation or, dumb arsed kids. Saying things like that’s way cool or something equally as illiterate lol.


  2. As ever you tell enough to draw the crowd in and keep us drooling for the next instalment. True Hitchcock master class 😜


    1. My standard response to the question, how fast is a trike? The simple answer is, in fact the only answer is, it’s as fast as you can turn the pedals.


  3. they ask how fast – I say “which side of the Hill” up hill — very slow could be 1.8 MPH up — BUT down — very fast I did over 30 MPH down hill


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