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The Christmas decorations have been put back in the attic, the mince pies devoured, and accusations have been levelled against the other-half shrinking your trousers. Time to get back on the trike!

This article, accessed via the blog section, looks at the joy (!) of indoor training.

Hope you enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Indoor training blog

  1. Very entertaining as usual. Have you had anyone tell you that you’ve inspired them to become the next Bradley wiggins?


    1. Thanks for the kind comments Paul. I always thought you looked like Wiggo,. Let’s get you on that trike with Pedal Power in Cardiff
      All the best


  2. Hi Paul,

    When I used to be a competitive cyclist, Bradley Wiggins was probably still wearing short trousers at school.

    Anyway, about your indoor training blog, I happen to think that using an indoor trainer is a very good thing. Especially when you consider that by using an indoor trainer, not only can you stay in the warmth but, you can stay in the confinement’s of your home where its safe from idiots on the road.

    I’ve just ordered a bluetooth enabled Tacx home trainer so that I can enjoy the latest craze of SWIFTING.

    All the best.



    1. I agree Shane. Bang for buck, if you can cope with the boredom, there is nothing better than turbo training. Certainly that is what I have been doing for the last two weeks and probably till mid Feb now. Good luck with the smart trainer. We should do a virtual meetup on Zwift!
      All the best,


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